Lisa Marie’s Trust is Settled

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May 19, 2023
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Lisa Marie’s Trust is Settled

Lisa Marie Presley and family

A settlement has been reached between Priscilla Presley and Riley Keough in the fight over the Trust of the late Lisa Marie Presley. According to the parties to the new agreement, everyone is now happy with the arrangement. The battle over Lisa Marie’s Trust had been ongoing since shortly after her death, when Priscilla filed a court document challenging a Will amendment.

The amendment, which was made in 2016, made changes to the Trust and to who was to be in charge of it after Lisa Marie’s passing. However, Priscilla argued that the signature on the document wasn’t notarized, and seemed inconsistent with the standard signature her daughter typically used. She wanted the amendment looked at more closely, to ensure it was a valid part of Lisa Marie’s estate.

The reason this was such a concern was that the 2016 amendment removed Priscilla as the trustee of the estate, and instead named Lisa Marie’s oldest daughter, Keough. That created disagreement and divided the family during an already difficult time, after Lisa Marie passed away unexpectedly.

Now that the issue has been settled though, attorneys for both parties have stated that arrangements have been settled, and the family is no longer dealing with the divisiveness of the issue. Priscilla Presley, Riley Keough, and their attorneys have not disclosed any details about the agreement or whether the amendment was found to be valid.

Regardless of whether the details come out in the upcoming weeks or months, though, the matter has been settled. That will help the family close out any remaining probate or other details that need to be handled regarding Lisa Marie’s estate, and allow everyone to move forward. Lisa Marie’s passing was sudden, and it has taken time for the family to get everything in order.

With a unified family once again, Lisa Marie’s mother and children can focus on any loose ends, and make sure everything in the estate is distributed in the way Lisa Marie would have wished for. If the amendment was voided, Keough and Priscilla Presley would become co-trustees of the estate. There will be another hearing for probate in August. 

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