estateplanningEstate Planning

Estate planning helps you manage and secure your assets while you are alive. Careful planning can save money on court costs and reduce the anxiety surrounding your estate so that you can enjoy your life and focus on your family. Proper planning can help lower or eliminate estate taxes and other expenses linked to inheritance, such as probate. The Estate Planning & Legacy Law Center, PLC is dedicated to providing the best options for your estate planning needs. The Estate Planning & Legacy Law Center, PLC is dedicated to helping people make the right decisions while estate planning.  Our services will ensure financial security for your family for years to come.

Comprehensive Services

Our comprehensive services include drafting advance health care directives, HIPAA Authorizations, durable powers of attorney, pour-over wills, guardianship nominations, community and separate property agreements, revocable living trusts, complex trust instruments, and guidance to properly title assets in trust title.

We also provide trust administration services in order to assist you with the complicated nature of administrating a love one’s estate.

From estate planning to trust administration, we help you from start to finish. We work with families at all stages of their lives to help protect their futures. Our services are customized to your specific goals and will alleviate your unique concerns.