Taylor Swift’s Cat is Worth $97 Million

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Taylor Swift’s Cat is Worth $97 Million

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift’s cat, Olivia Benson, has made the list of world’s richest pets. The AllAboutCats.com website uses Instagram data to see how much a pet could allegedly make if they posted to the site. While Swift’s cat doesn’t even have an Instagram account, the estimate is that the Scottish fold kitty’s net worth would be approximately $97 million.

It’s not just about whether Olivia Benson has an Instagram account, either. The cat has been in several of Swift’s music videos and has a line of merchandise. She’s also been in Nike and Diet Coke ads. Of course, she’s also reaping the benefits of her owner’s popularity, which is a big part of where her estimated wealth is coming from.

Swift has two other cats, Benjamin Button and Meredith Grey, that weren’t mentioned or added to the list at all. That doesn’t mean they don’t have an estimated net worth, but apparently it’s not as high as Olivia Benson’s. Many celebrities have pets that have a high net worth, and there have also been pets who received inheritances from owners who passed away, too.

While it isn’t a scientific way of discovering an animal’s true net worth, the AllAboutCats.com site offers a reasonable idea of how much material wealth a pet could create if they were posting on their own for likes, sponsorships, and collaborations. It remains to be seen whether Swift will start up an Instagram account for her cat(s), or whether her pets will remain part of the background.

If Olivia Benson does end up with an Instagram account, though, there’s no doubt that many of Swift’s fans would follow the kitty and see what she’s up to. Since she’s already been in some ads and music videos, it’s also likely she’d have sponsors that would want to pay her for specific content and product placement. That has the potential to raise her net worth even higher over time.

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