After Nearly Nine Years, Amanda Bynes Has Filed a Petition To End Her Conservatorship

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After Nearly Nine Years, Amanda Bynes Has Filed a Petition To End Her Conservatorship

In the wake of Britney Spears winning her conservatorship battle, retired actress Amanda Bynes has now filed a petition to end her conservatorship, as well. Her attorney confirmed the news, which comes at the end of a 9-year conservatorship after Bynes faced personal struggles with substance abuse that lead to a DUI, a drug arrest, shoplifting, and trouble with her neighbors. She was even accused of setting fire to one of her neighbor’s driveways.

Amanda Bynes

The conservatorship is for both her estate and her person, which means Bynes is limited in what she can do and how she can spend her money. She doesn’t have control over those things at the moment, and hasn’t for some time. But it took Bynes several years of conservatorship in order to work through the issues she was facing and start to get healthy again. She’ll need to show the court that she’s past the point of concern, and has been for some time, before the conservatorship might be lifted.

In 2013, she was involuntarily hospitalized and placed on a psychiatric hold. She’s now 35, and working on getting a degree from California’s Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. She claims that she no longer needs the court’s protection. The vast majority of her troubles, Bynes says, came from substance abuse problems. Her mother, Lynn, is currently overseeing the conservatorship, which hasn’t had any of the drama of Spears’ conservatorship battles.

Bynes is looking to take back full control of her life as soon as possible, after celebrating 18 months of sobriety in 2020 and continuing on that path through the present day. Her conservatorship was extended with an end date of 2023, but now it appears that it could be terminated sooner than that. There’s a hearing on March 22nd, 2022, which may make a big difference in the way Bynes is allowed to live her life.

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