Britney Spears Calls Out Her Mom as The Mastermind Behind Her Conservatorship

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Britney Spears Calls Out Her Mom as The Mastermind Behind Her Conservatorship

More drama may be on the horizon for Britney Spears, now that her conservatorship is ending. Unfortunately, she still faces some significant legal battles. Her mother, Lynne, has petitioned the court, asking that Britney’s estate pay nearly $600,000 in legal fees. In a response to that, Britney posted on social media that her mother was the brains behind the conservatorship, and that Lynne had ruined years of her life. She also called out her former business manager, Lou Taylor, for much of the same behavior.

Britney Spears

While the post was deleted hours later, it was clear that Britney wanted to send a message about the situation, and has had enough of other people claiming they don’t know why the singer is upset or that much of what took place with the conservatorship was her fault. Britney claimed that the level of control exerted over her was extensive, and that her family should be jailed for the way they manipulated her and others, as well as all the money they received from her estate during the conservatorship.

In the meantime, Lynne Spears remains adamant that her daughter’s estate needs to pay legal fees, going back to 2019. Lynne is claiming that the legal fees were incurred in an effort to help Britney get free from the conservatorship, which was controlled by Britney’s father, Jamie. The filing also states that Britney was enthusiastically in agreement in having Lynne join the conservatorship battle. Whether there is proof of this agreement remains to be seen.

Lynne never did take on an official role in Britney’s conservatorship, although her legal team did appear in court, and conducted a review of the history of the case. Britney had no opportunity to seek her own representation in an effort to end her conservatorship, until summer 2021.

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