Chadwick Boseman’s Wife and Parents Will Share His Estate

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Chadwick Boseman’s Wife and Parents Will Share His Estate

Black Panther actor Chadwick Boseman, who passed away in 2020 from colon cancer, didn’t have a valid Will at the time of his death. Now a court has ruled that Boseman’s $2.3 million estate will be split evenly between his parents and his wife. Taylor Simone Ledward, his widow, had asked the court to divide things equally between herself and Boseman’s parents. She is in charge of his estate.

Boseman and Ledward begun dating in 2016, the same year the star was diagnosed with cancer. Boseman was just 43 years old when he passed away. The couple had wed privately not long before his death, and there hadn’t been much public information about his illness. In 2021, Ledward accepted an award on behalf of her late husband, who was honored at the Gotham Awards for his profound work, as well as the impact he had on the world and on the film industry.

During the filming of Black Panther, Boseman was battling the disease and undergoing treatment for it. However, no one who saw his quality performance in the movie would have ever assumed he was ill. It came as a shock when he passed away. Many fans were hoping for additional roles for Boseman, before the news broke of his death.

Ledward, in her speech at the Gotham Awards, stated that Boseman “was able to give himself over fully in every moment, to be totally present in his own life and in the lives of people he became.” She went on to say that he was blessed to live a lot of different lives through the roles he played, and to let go and allow God’s love to shine through in everything he did.

It’s clear that Boseman left a legacy that went far beyond the characters he portrayed. Now that his estate has been settled, his wife and parents can move forward with remembering all that he meant to them.

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