DNA Test Proves Jordan Rogers Is Sole Heir to British Aristocrat’s Estate

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DNA Test Proves Jordan Rogers Is Sole Heir to British Aristocrat’s Estate

A 31-year old British community support worker who once worried about making ends meet and paying his bills has learned he is the sole heir to a wealthy estate after a DNA test proved he was the biological son of the owner who died unexpectedly at the age of 62.

While Jordan Rogers suspected wealthy aristocrat Charles Rogers was his real father from a young age, he wasn’t able to confirm his lineage through DNA testing until after the elder Rogers’ death. It’s a sad tale; Charles apparently struggled with drug addiction. Before his death, he was reportedly malnourished, neglectful of his own personal hygiene, and actually slept in his car outside his lavish home.

It is not clear whether Charles had done any estate planning, but it does not appear that he left a Will or Trust. Jordan stood to inherit because Charles’ mother and brother both died in quick succession after Charles’ death, leaving Jordan as the sole heir. Not unsurprisingly, Jordan had to deal with some uncooperative family members. In addition to bearing a strong resemblance to the elder Rogers, the results of the DNA test conclusively proved that he was Charles’ son.

Since inheriting Charles’ estate, Jordan has quit his job and moved onto the grounds of the storied thirteenth century Penrose estate, covering some 1,536 acres. He expressed some regret that he wasn’t able to confirm his parentage before Charles’ death, as perhaps he could have helped his father change course. While becoming the heir to a sizable estate is personally life-changing for Jordan, he has expressed that he intends to use his newfound wealth to help others and plans to hold charity parties on the grounds to benefit the needy.

While your estate may not be as grand as the inheritance Jordan Rogers is now enjoying, it is important to plan for who will receive and benefit from your assets when you pass. To learn more about preparing a tailored estate plan, contact us or call us at 760.438.0558.