Elizabeth Hurley’s Reaction to Her Son Being Cut Out of The Family Fortune

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Elizabeth Hurley’s Reaction to Her Son Being Cut Out of The Family Fortune

Actress Elizabeth Hurley feels that a court decision was “callous” in cutting off her son Damian’s share of the fortune amassed by his grandfather. The decision came through a successful appeal by Dr. Peter Bing. Hurley’s former partner and the father of Damian, Steve Bing, died by suicide in 2020. Hurley alleged that Steve Bing believed his children would be taken care of, and that they would have rights to part of the fortune that Bing’s father had left behind.

However, both Damian and his half-sister Kira were born out of wedlock. Due to that, Dr. Peter Bing was successful in his argument that they should not be allowed to receive any money that was initially held in trust for them. Hurley believes that Steve would have been devastated, had he known that the decision regarding the money held in Trust had been successfully reversed, and that Damian and Kira would not be able to collect on any of the money Steve believed they would have been entitled to.

Damian’s grandfather’s fortune will now be shared between the two children of Mary, who is Bing’s sister. Both of those children were born within the confines of a marriage. Hurley discussed the way Bing originally did not want to claim Kira or Damian, but that he did reconnect with them in later years. He fought hard during his last year of life, in order to ensure that his children were properly recognized. Now, all of that seems to have been undone through a court ruling.

Hurley also stated that she was relieved Steve will never know that Mary’s family and Steve’s own father were successful in changing the original trial verdict, to cut Damian and Kira out of the money that they allegedly deserved. She takes solace in the belief that Steve would have struggled with what happened to his children, and that his not knowing is better.

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