Epstein’s New Mexico Ranch is Up For Sale…But No Offers in 6 Months

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Epstein’s New Mexico Ranch is Up For Sale…But No Offers in 6 Months

The $27.5 million New Mexico ranch belonging to the late Jeffrey Epstein has been up for sale for six months now, but, surprisingly, there haven’t been any offers. Whether that’s because of the price, or based on concerns about what might have taken place there, is only speculation. But it seems likely that a lot of people would shy away from a property where the late owner had been accused of such heinous crimes.

The Zorro Ranch, as the property was called, already had a reputation for secrecy. Now that Epstein has passed away it’s possible that more information about the happenings at the ranch will come to light. One thing that seems to be very clear is the idea that most people don’t want to purchase a property with a dark past. There is also some confusion with the deed and ownership of the property, along with the use of formerly leased land. The state of New Mexico revoked the land lease contract for 1,300 of Zorro Ranch’s 10,000 acres in 2019.

The ranch property also allegedly changed hands in 2020. A mysterious deed that transferred ownership from Epstein’s company to Love and Bliss Church was filed, stating that the property was transferred for a mere $200. This church had previously filed a warranty deed in Florida for the Palm Beach mansion Epstein owned there. That deed was later found to be fraudulent, and Epstein’s estate has taken legal action against the church.

The fraudulent deeds are further complicating the already difficult sale of Epstein’s properties. Without a valid deed that allows for the transfer of the property, it won’t be able to be sold. The legal action against Love and Bliss could take some time, and the property may not be sold for months or years based on the deed confusion and other mitigating factors surrounding Epstein’s potential activities at the property.

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