Jamie Spears Consents To Stepping Down As Conservator

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Jamie Spears Consents To Stepping Down As Conservator

It seems that Britney Spears’ dad Jamie has finally consented to step down as her conservator — but not just yet. While he had already stepped down as her personal conservator in 2019, he remained on as the conservator of her estate. Now, Britney has been fighting in court to have him removed entirely. She even has a new conservator in mind, who has a significant financial background and is ready and willing to take on the job. But the courts have not yet decided whether the change will be allowed.

Britney Spears

In the middle of all the courtroom drama and legal wrangling, there are also emotional, family issues at the heart of everything. Jamie has repeatedly taken digs and made inflammatory statements where Britney’s mother Lynne is concerned, and has always maintained that he is doing what is in the best interests of his daughter. However, his daughter is nearly 40 years old now, and has long stated that she does not want Jamie handling or managing her affairs any longer, due to allegations regarding abuse of power.

The next hearing in the case is set for the end of September, although Britney and her legal team attempted to get the date moved to an earlier time. The conservatorship has been in place for 13 years, and even Britney’s medical team has stated that they no longer feel Jamie is the right person for the job he holds.

But until and unless the courts agree, Britney is not able to make changes that might allow her more access to her own money, or the freedom to make the typical kinds of decisions a person her age would make. More questions are starting to come up, regarding why the conservatorship is still in place, when Britney has been stable for some time. In the meantime, Jamie Spears is holding onto the conservatorship role, even after stating that he will step down, because he doesn’t seem to think it’s time to do just yet. 

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