Jamie Spears Requests $2 Million Before Stepping Down as Conservator

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September 10, 2021
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Jamie Spears Requests $2 Million Before Stepping Down as Conservator

The drama over trying to end the conservatorship of Britney Spears continues, with her father Jamie requesting $2 million dollars before he steps down from his role in the singer’s care. Allegedly, Jamie has said that he will step out of his legal role, but he wants to receive the money first, as a condition of resigning from his duties. Mathew Rosengart, an attorney for Britney Spears, has instead demanded that Jamie resign without any kind of payment, either as a condition of resignation or for any other reason.

Britney Spears

In requesting that he simply step down, Rosengart cited a response Jamie has made on the 12th of August, that indicated Jamie would be willing to step down when he felt the time was right, and when all matters around the transition were orderly and resolved. Now, Rosengart is saying that Jamie and his legal counsel must understand that the status quo cannot continue. Jamie has already received millions during his time as Britney’s conservator, and Rosengart has likened this new request to extortion.

Apparently, the resolution of matters Jamie was speaking of included some form of payment to get him to resign, but Rosengart has called that idea a “non-starter.” In short, Britney and her counsel are not even entertaining the idea of paying Jamie anything else for his resignation, and are increasing their pressure to request that he simply step down without fanfare and without further payment.

Whether Jamie will choose to end the fight for the $2 million, or whether he will suggest a lower amount, remains to be seen. The battle for Britney’s conservatorship to come to an end has been ongoing for some time. With Jamie’s continued requests for additional money, it doesn’t appear as though the fight will end any time soon.

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