Tony Hawk Put His Blood in Skateboards, and They Sold Out Quickly

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Tony Hawk Put His Blood in Skateboards, and They Sold Out Quickly

As part of a collaborative effort with a water company called Liquid Death, pro skateboarder Tony Hawk donated some of his blood. It was sterilized, and then added to 100 skateboards when they were created. The skateboards with his actual blood in them sold out the first night they were offered. The idea of owning their own piece of Hawk was behind the reasoning of most people who purchased these skateboards, and there’s no denying that it’s a unique item for someone to have if they’re a fan of the skateboarder.

pro skateboarder Tony Hawk

Hawk is one of the brand ambassadors for Liquid Death, and thought it would be interesting to take the “blood, sweat, and tears” mantra to new heights. A vial of blood was removed from Hawk, and then it was mixed into a tin of red paint. That paint was used in the painting of the 100 boards that were sold. Hawk, who generally loves to joke around online in his Twitter feed and other places, commented that it’s important to always read the fine print, and asked that people please don’t use his blood to make clones.

Buyers of the boards will get a certificate of authenticity for them, and Liquid Death is donating 10% of the profits from the boards to the 5Gyres and Skatepark Project charities. The 5Gyres charity works to reduce the plastic that’s piling up in the world’s oceans, and the Skatepark Project charity helps to create skating spaces in communities that are underserved.

Whether Hawk will be donating his blood to more worthy causes remains to be seen, but there was certainly a demand for the boards that included his blood. This isn’t the first time a celebrity has included their blood in a sale item.

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