What are Hyatt Legal Plans?

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September 23, 2019
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What are Hyatt Legal Plans?

While the majority of the clients who come to our office seeking legal help with their estate plans pay for our services out-of-pocket, a growing number of clients come by way of referral from Hyatt Legal Plans. If your employer offers a legal insurance plan through Hyatt Legal as part of its employee benefits program, you may have partial or even full coverage for your estate planning and other legal needs. In some cases, clients don’t pay our firm a penny for their estate plans and their only out-of-pocket cost is paying nominal premiums through payroll deduction.

How does legal insurance work, and what is covered?

A MetLife/MetLaw company, Hyatt Legal Plans offers employers the chance to give their employees access to valuable legal services and resources as an employer-sponsored benefit program. When a company signs up with Hyatt, their employees can then elect or decline coverage during the open enrollment period each year. Employees who opt in for coverage pay premiums each paycheck. In return, those employees, their spouses, and their covered dependents have access to a variety of legal services benefits including estate planning, real estate matters, traffic tickets, family law issues, bankruptcy and financial matters, representation for civil lawsuits, and more.

Which employers offer Hyatt Legal Plans?

Many companies in the education and health care fields in our area offer Hyatt Legal Plans, as well as businesses involved in recreation, home improvement, sciences, and more. We’ve worked with various companies including school districts, hospitals, major airlines and national hardware stores. 

Can a covered employee use their legal insurance benefits with any attorney?

Private law firms and attorneys who want to be part of the Hyatt Legal Plan network must meet eligibility requirements. The Estate Planning & Legacy Law Center is proud to be a network attorney for Hyatt Legal Plans. To learn more about our services and to schedule an initial consultation, contact us today.