3 Reasons Not To Use An Inexperienced Attorney To Draft Your Will

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April 9, 2018
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3 Reasons Not To Use An Inexperienced Attorney To Draft Your Will

When you’re ready to draft your Will, you may think it doesn’t matter which attorney you choose to work with. After all, a Will is a Will, right? Actually, choosing an inexperienced or unqualified attorney can be problematic for a variety of reasons:

reasons not to use an inexperienced attorney to draft your willLanguage Used Won’t Do What You Want it to Do

All too often, attorneys who dabble in estate planning see preparing Wills as a fill-in-the-blank exercise. When this approach is taken, there is a risk that what the Will says and what you want the Will to say won’t match. Your estate planning attorney should seek to understand exactly what you want to have happen when you die, as well as discussing potential implications of different approaches and contingencies, before crafting language designed to accomplish your wishes.

Attorney’s Typographical Errors

Inexperienced attorneys who do not regularly handle clients’ estate planning work may not be as thorough about their work, making sloppy typos or copying and pasting paragraphs or articles from other Wills – language that may have no business in your Will. A good estate planning attorney understands what to include and should take care to ensure your Will includes precise wording.

Attorney’s Understanding of the Law

Finally, attorneys without a solid background and experience in estate planning law may not fully understand the implications of state laws on a client’s estate planning strategies. Without that knowledge, there could be inadvertent errors in the documents that could leave your estate in limbo or make it more vulnerable to challenges.

If there are potential problems with your Will, those problems may not become known until after you have died. This can add expense, stress, and frustration for your loved ones. Choosing an experienced, knowledgeable estate planning attorney can ensure your will is tailored to do exactly what you want it to do, in coordination and accordance with California law.

Comprehensive Estate Planning

No matter what your estate planning requirements may be, we are here for you. We will carefully listen to you to create an estate plan that meets your wishes and needs. Our team of experts has the experience and ability to tailor a comprehensive estate plan for you. After a thorough review of your assets, we will present you with various estate planning techniques that will suit your needs no matter what type of estate you have. Contact us today to learn more!