Anne Heche Dies With No Will

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August 18, 2022
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Anne Heche Dies With No Will

Anne Heche’s recent death in a car accident left her two sons without a mother and with the unexpected duties and details that come along with handling a person’s estate. Her oldest son, Homer Heche Laffoon, is 20. He has filed to take over her estate officially, now that it’s been revealed that Heche didn’t have a Will in place when she passed away. Her other son, Atlas Heche Tupper, is 13 and will need a guardian appointed to manage his portion of the estate.

Homer isn’t asking the court to appoint him as the guardian for Atlas. Instead, he’s asking the court for a guardian ad litem, so that Atlas’ best interests can be addressed and represented. Both of the boys have fathers who are still living, and can help them work through this difficult time. However, they also need to make sure they can settle the estate amicably and protect their interests for the future. Having a guardian appointed for Atlas will help ensure that both of Heche’s sons are treated fairly.

Heche was 53 at the time of her death, and the vehicle crash resulted in her ending up in a coma before being taken off of life support and having her organs donated. Now that it’s been verified that she didn’t have a Will in place, there will be a probate process to settle her estate and ensure that it goes to her rightful heirs.

The process of settling an estate can take a long time, and Heche may have numerous assets to work through. Now that Homer has filed to take over the estate, though, the probate process can get started. Without complications such as unknown debts or claims from potential heirs, Heche’s estate settlement should move smoothly.

Heche’s burial location is the Hollywood Forever Cemetery in Los Angeles. People attend concerts, movies, and other events there, and that will help keep her memory alive and a part of Hollywood for years to come.

Unfortunately, we never know how much time we have left. If you do not have a current Will or other estate planning documents in place, contact The Estate Planning & Legacy Law Center today. Documenting your wishes now can provide peace of mind and can help you and your loved ones avoid being in the situations like Heche’s sons find themselves in.