Living Alone and Never Getting Married Are the Keys To a Long Life According To a 107-Year-Old

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Living Alone and Never Getting Married Are the Keys To a Long Life According To a 107-Year-Old

According to Louise Signore, who recently turned 107 years old, there are some important ways to stay young and have a long life. Her top advice? Live alone and don’t get married. That might come as a shock, since there are a lot of arguments that married people are happier and live longer than their single counterparts. However, there has also been some recent pushback to that theory, citing married people who are unhappy, and how being single may be less stressful in many cases.

It’s not just living alone that Louise says is important, though. It’s also her love of dancing and the occasional glass of wine. She exercises regularly, eats relatively healthy, and is in bed by 11pm each night. Various news outlets have talked to Louise about her longevity, in an effort to find the secret that’s kept her alive and feeling well for so long.

Louise is the oldest of four siblings, all of whom are still living, with the youngest one being 102. Good genes may have played a definitive role in how long Louise has been around, since her siblings appear to be doing pretty well in the longevity department, as well. It seems like the combination of genetics and health advice is keeping Louise and her siblings enjoying life and taking each day as it comes, to see what kind of excitement it will bring their way.

Living in the Bronx, Louise celebrated her 107th birthday at JASA Bartow Senior Center, where they threw her a party. She’s still very engaged in life, gets around well, and wants to learn and do new things. That could be another reason she’s lived so long. She wants to see what comes next, and that curiosity is helping keep her young.

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