Apple AirTag Helps Track a $62K Graveyard Heist

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Apple AirTag Helps Track a $62K Graveyard Heist

Vases at a graveyard

In Brazoria County, Texas, hundreds of very expensive vases were stolen right off of gravesites. That prompted one family to attach an Apple AirTag to the vase they left at the gravesite of a family member. Thanks to that device the police were able to track the vase, along with dozens of additional vases, back to three men who stole more than 100 vases in all.

Dillon Bryan Pollock, Daniel Lewis Hale, and Cody Eben are all now charged with third-degree felonies. The 102 vases they took from the gravesites during their two-month spree cost approximately $600 each, totaling $62,000. One of those vases belonged to Tony Velazquez and his family, who had already had the first vase stolen from their uncle’s grave.

They purchased another vase to replace it, but they had been hearing about the thefts and decided that putting an AirTag on the new vase might give them important information if the second vase went missing. Their quick thinking helped police track the vase when it was also stolen, and they followed it to a location approximately 45 minutes away.

The residence, which was right outside Brazoria, was where the three men were staying. There is also a fourth suspect in the case, and he hasn’t yet been caught. There’s no official word on the other suspect’s name or their role in the thefts, or whether they would be facing the same charges as the three men who were already arrested.

The main reason people steal these kinds of vases is that they can turn them in for “scrap metal” or otherwise sell them and make money, and this type of theft isn’t new. However, this may be the first time technology like the AirTag has been used to catch thieves stealing vases from gravesites.

There’s no further information on what will happen to the three men arrested, or how much jail time they may get. While third-degree felonies are serious charges, they may have the option to plead to lesser charges in the case. Either way, the AirTag provided police with what they needed to find the suspects and track the vases they stole. 

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