Specialty Senior Move Managers Help Older Americans Move Easier

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Specialty Senior Move Managers Help Older Americans Move Easier

Older American couple moving

Moving can be a stressful endeavor, and it’s even harder for senior citizens that might not be able to handle a lot of the packing and other moving requirements that come along with transferring from their house to an assisted living facility. That’s where Specialty Senior Move Managers can help!

These professionals are trained and certified, and they do so much more than pack and unpack boxes. They organize and sort belongings, coordinate everything with the moving company, and use the floor plan of the new space to figure out what can be moved and where everything will go. They’re facilitators, who make the process less complicated during a somewhat difficult time.

Not every client thinks the added expense of a service like this is a good idea, but for those who have used a move manager, they insist that the price is well worth it. All the memories and possessions that senior clients have can represent a lifetime, and deciding what to keep and what to get rid of isn’t easy.

It’s often difficult for the families of the seniors, too, because they aren’t sure how to help and don’t want to overstep by just taking certain items and leaving others behind. Honoring the wishes of the family member making the move is important, but there’s also limited space for items that might not fit the new location.

A Move Manager may work with their clients for weeks, or sometimes even for months, and they follow a strict code of ethics to make sure they’re treating their clients and those clients’ families fairly. The goal is to reduce the amount of furniture and other items a senior will take with them to assisted living, while still ensuring they can keep the things that matter most to them.

Getting settled into a new place isn’t always an easy road for a senior who’s lived in their home for a long time, but having a Move Manager handle all the details and get them moved while preserving as much of their old life as possible is a great way to reduce stress and make change easier for everyone involved.

A carefully prepared estate plan will ensure your health and financial wishes are known should you become incapacitated and that, after death, your wealth remains secure until it passes to your beneficiaries. A properly prepared plan saves money on court costs, taxes, and fees, and reduces the risk of familial strife. Contact us today to learn more!