Hank Williams Jr.’s Son Wants Out of His Conservatorship

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Hank Williams Jr.’s Son Wants Out of His Conservatorship

The youngest son of Hank Williams Jr., Sam Williams, is claiming that his father and his half-sister Holly have placed him in a conservatorship he wants out of. He posted a now private YouTube video recently, holding a piece of paper that simply said “I want out.” Williams is also claiming that the conservatorship began in August 2020, less than two months after his sister was killed in a motor vehicle accident.

Allegedly the conservatorship was done to protect Williams, but he said that everything has been taken from him. His car, money, home, and control over his life are all in the hands of others now. He has said he iis ashamed and embarrassed for his family, while he struggles to understand how the conservatorship is really protecting him. Why he needed protection is another question, but seems to be tied to the loss of Williams’ sibling.

Sam Williams, who is 24 years old and a singer-songwriter, had a very close relationship with his older sister, Katie. When she passed away he was devastated. But he didn’t have any time to recover from that before he says his father, half-sister, and an attorney put him into a conservatorship. Court documents do show that an emergency conservatorship was filed at that time, but it wasn’t possible to confirm the current status of that request.

This is the second time Williams has had a conservatorship, although he hasn’t revealed what happened with the first one or why his father and others in his family believed it was necessary. Additionally, Williams said he wasn’t interested in creating a campaign and wasn’t trying to bring up any comparisons to Britney Spears and her recent release from conservatorship after many years.

Still, concerns remain that Williams may be in trouble financially, or his mental health may be at risk. These could be possible reasons for the conservatorship. At the moment these are all just speculation, since court documents don’t share certain information.

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