Melinda French Gates Changes Her Mind and Will Not Give Bulk of Her Money To Gates Foundation

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Melinda French Gates Changes Her Mind and Will Not Give Bulk of Her Money To Gates Foundation

Originally, Melinda French Gates had planned to give most of her wealth to the Gates Foundation. However, the ex-wife of Bill Gates has now said she won’t be doing that. Instead, she’ll be spreading the majority of her wealth around through other philanthropic endeavors. People close to her, and who have knowledge of the matter, are reporting that she has plans to make sure her wealth is used in a number of areas important to her.

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation building in Seattle

Recently, Ms. French Gates published a Giving Pledge Letter. It was the first one she’s published individually, since her divorce from Bill Gates. In that letter, she stated that she would not be giving most of her wealth to the foundation she and Mr. Gates created many years ago. The letter stated that she recognized “the absurdity of so much wealth being concentrated in the hands of one person.” To that end, she would be giving away her wealth in ways that were carefully curated to make significant impact.

She has been a pivotal part of the Gates Foundation during her marriage and is still committed to her role there. She also has a role with Pivotal Ventures that she remains committed to, as well. As she focuses on additional opportunities, though, she is open to new partners and ideas for passing her wealth along to those who need it most. Ms. French Gates has been known for her philanthropy and generosity for years, and wants to ensure that she’s still providing as much of that as possible.

As she looks for new ventures, Ms. French Gates stated that she will be committed to working with others who want to share wealth and make the world a better and more equal place. That has been her mission during her time with Bill Gates, and her focus on ways to share wealth and improve the quality of life for others will remain strong.

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