Jerry Lee Lewis’ Mississippi Estate is No Longer in the Family

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Jerry Lee Lewis’ Mississippi Estate is No Longer in the Family

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When Jerry Lee Lewis passed away in October 2022, there was a legal battle over the ranch he owned in Mississippi. His son, Jerry Lee Lewis III (who goes by Lee), was living at the ranch with his sons. Early in March 2023, though, Lee turned over the keys and moved out of the home after being served with eviction papers.

Before the senior Lewis passed away he signed over one-third of the ownership rights to the ranch to a law firm. The other two-thirds of the rights were signed over decades ago to Cecil Harrelson, Sr., Lewis’ tour manager and best friend. Not only was Harrelson important to Lewis in these capacities, but he had also become part of the family through marriage to Lewis’ younger sister. The couple have three children together.

Not long after Lewis died there was a website developed that indicated the ranch would be up for sale. There were photos of the ranch, along with information about it and how a “hybrid development option” was going to be available for anyone who wanted to buy it. The land was to be used to build either a resort or a gated community.

Lee was understandably upset with this development, saying in a statement that he had no opportunity for input on this decision and that he didn’t believe the sale and development were in line with what his father ultimately would have wanted. Lee grew up there, and was understandably grieving the loss of his childhood home.

Whether Lewis intended for the property to be sold for development or not may remain a point of contention, but the legalities of the issue had been properly set up and Lee had to leave the home. There wasn’t any additional information on whether Lee received compensation or anything from his father’s estate, or whether he was simply required to move out.

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