Updates to Charles Manson’s Estate Legal Battle

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Updates to Charles Manson’s Estate Legal Battle

Charles Manson

The late Charles Manson passed away in 2017, and was serving a life sentence for murder at the time. His estate still hasn’t been settled. While the estate itself could be worth from a few hundred thousand to $1 million, and doesn’t have a fully set value, a judge is moving closer to choosing who will receive Manson’s items.

Three people are claiming that they are Manson’s heirs, including one who claims to be a biological son and another who claims to be a biological grandson. The third potential heir is his “murderabilia” collector and pen pal, Michael Channels. Manson was 83 when he died, and he had several personal effects in his estate at the time.

These include clothing, guitars, art pieces, pictures, and even original songs. Three of those songs were recorded by The Beach Boys, Guns ‘N Roses, and Marilyn Manson, adding to their value.

Even though the decision is moving closer, it could still take some time yet. Probate matters are often slow-moving, and the attorney who counsels the estate’s current administrator also notes that this is the third of four judges who have worked on the case. The current judge is Ruben Garcia, and he is committed to doing a thorough job.

Probate code can have some very intricate provisions and requirements, and the overarching goal is to make sure that the issue is handled correctly. That reduces the chances of an appeal once the ruling has been made, and is also most likely to align with what’s legally appropriate for a deceased person’s estate.

Part of the reason Manson’s personal property has such value is the obsession with true crime that many people have. That increases the interest in anything that belonged to Manson, and there have been other people who came forward in an attempt to claim Manson’s property and then dropped their petitions.

Long-time pen pal Channels says Manson created a Will in 2002 that made him sole beneficiary of the estate, but the probate court doesn’t yet have that Will in its possession. Whether that Will is determined to be legitimate will play a significant role in what the court ultimately decides.

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