Man Charged With Killing His Mother At Sea to Inherit Estate

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Man Charged With Killing His Mother At Sea to Inherit Estate

Nathan Carman

Almost six years ago, Nathan Carman was rescued off of the coast of Rhode Island, on a life raft after the boat he was on sank. He said that he and his mother were on a fishing trip, and the boat took on water. His mother, sadly, was lost. Now, Carman has been charged with murdering his mother to inherit her estate. Not only was he arrested for the alleged murder, but he also has a history of being suspected of harming other family members in order to inherit from them. That history goes back nearly a decade.

Man Charged With Killing His Mother

In 2013, he was suspected of shooting his grandfather. John Chakalos was murdered in his sleep. The Chakalos estate and its related Trusts contained millions of dollars, and that was believed to be the motive for Carman’s alleged crimes. He wasn’t charged in the death of his grandfather, as there wasn’t enough evidence to link him to that crime at the time it took place. Now, Carman faces an eight-count indictment, which includes mention of that murder.

The indictment also includes charges relating to the murder of his mother, and to frauds related to that crime. If Carman is convicted, he will face a mandatory sentence of life in prison. Whether he is convicted of the crime remains to be seen, as his mother’s death and the murder of his grandfather are serious accusations that must be proven.

However, the indictment is a clear statement that prosecutors believe there is enough evidence to convict Carman of killing his mother, and of attempting to fraudulently obtain access to her estate through those means. Like many murder trials, the case may take some time to be fully resolved, and a decision made on Carman’s guilt or innocence. Right now, while the murder of his grandfather is mentioned in the indictment, Carman has still not been charged with that crime.

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